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Re: Hotplug: no more fstab entries

On 2/23/06, David Zeuthen <david fubar dk> wrote:
> You can also use dbus-send in conjunction with hal-find-by-property...
> it's not exactly rocket science

If I had a better personal understanding of the capabilities of the
dbus commandline tools like dbus-send that would help. Are there
existing examples of dbus-send usage that do useful work in the wild?
I honestly do not grok dbus communication well enough to be able to
parse the example you give usefully from a "get crap done with a shell
script" sysadmin point of view.  And the errors spawned the what I
assume to be non-functional example in the dbus-send on the fc4
manpage leaves my mouth agape and my eyes glassy.

If you know of something better than 
to help sysadmins learn enough about dbus to use dbus-send effectively
please let me know. Especially any existing generally useful scripts
that exist to do useful work.


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