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Re: eclipse

Erwin Rol wrote:
Hey all,

I tried to use eclipse for a C++ project but after liek 10 crashes in
the last 30 minutes i kind of gave up.

My question; is there anybody out there that actually uses eclipse ? And
with uses i mean like working with it 8 hours a day without a crash ever
5 minutes.
I tried using andrews eclipse packages at first because dont like the idea of a noncentrally managed update stack. But the original packaging problems with installing only the eclipse platform (eg non SDK), user based extension directories, and the trouble with the speed and functionality of those installed extensions left a little to be desired.

As a result i have been running eclipse platform+CDT+phpeclipse+subclipse ontop of a Sun Java stack (for speed alone) for the last few months. I havent toyed around with the updates andrews made in the past few months. i seem to remember seeing changelogs in the rawhide update messages that resolved most of my issues. Will install this afternoon and report back with troubles if any. -mf
Michael Favia          michael favia insitesinc com
Insites Incorporated  http://michael.insitesinc.com

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