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Re: Unite Non-free repos (Was: Re: Non-free Extras?)

Am Donnerstag, den 23.02.2006, 18:23 +0100 schrieb Rudolf Kastl:
> 2006/2/22, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>:
> > Am Mittwoch, den 22.02.2006, 14:56 -0500 schrieb Eric Mesa:
> well id be happy if just planetccrma would be slowly merged into
> extras... the main blocker seems to be the realtime kernel module as
> far as i can see.

Well, we had a discussion about "kernels in Fedora Extras" on this list
some months ago. I don't think that we should provide them there. But
that's debatable. And even if we agree not to ship them: planetccrma
could still ship the kernels and we could merge everything else into
extras if possible.

> actually from the other repos only a few packages are missing that
> could be contributed to extras and youd be nearly there. besides some
> kernel modules atrpms provides e.g.

Well, the confusion for the user remains as long as freshrpms, atrpms
rpmforge and livna exist in their current state. I've seen multiple
users that didn't know that repo mixing can result in "interesting
results". Most users hit those sooner or later and ran away screaming to
Ubuntu or Suse.

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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