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Re: eclipse

Michael Favia wrote:
Will install this afternoon and report back with troubles if any. -mf
Had a chance to install this afternoon. Is this really still necessary (please see dependency resolution report from yum on bottom of msg)? Some of those make sense to me but tomcat? I seem to remember something about this issue before but don't remember what in particular it was.

Other than that it seems to run clean and work well. Was able to use my existing workspace and add my extension location without issue at all. I'm going to pound on it in the cdt and phpeclipse arena a little more but subclipse and the basics all seem to be functional if not a tad bit sluggish (i have no metrics to back that up).

Is there a policy for those extensions that make it into the repo and those that don't? Or a general fedora policy on how to handle extensible applications (gstreamer, firefox, thunderbird, eclipse)? Because their support seems to differ across applications. Maintaining every extension seems like a waste of developer resources and asking each user on a system to install the same extension seems redundant and tedious. Regardless thanks for all the good work andrew et al. and ill report any new issues to bugzilla. -mf

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
eclipse-platform i386 1:3.1.2-1jpp_7fc development 53 M
Installing for dependencies:
ant-apache-bsf i386 1.6.5-1jpp_6fc development 44 k ant-javamail i386 1.6.5-1jpp_6fc development 34 k eclipse-rcp i386 1:3.1.2-1jpp_7fc development 46 k geronimo-specs i386 1.0-0.M2.2jpp_7fc development 227 k geronimo-specs-compat i386 1.0-0.M2.2jpp_7fc development 4.9 k jakarta-commons-fileupload noarch 1:1.0-3jpp_4fc development 24 k java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-javadoc i386 development 21 M lucene i386 1.4.3-1jpp_11fc development 660 k lucene-demo i386 1.4.3-1jpp_11fc development 104 k tomcat5 i386 5.0.30-8jpp_11fc development 3.6 M tomcat5-jasper i386 5.0.30-8jpp_11fc development 878 k

Transaction Summary
Install     12 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)
Total download size: 80 M

Michael Favia          michael favia insitesinc com
Insites Incorporated  http://michael.insitesinc.com

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