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Re: Attention: Proprietary video driver users (ATI, Nvidia, etc.)

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> On 2/23/06, Igor Jagec <igorm5 vip hr> wrote:
>>What if we uninstall the official nVidia tarball and install Livna
>>nvidia package, do we back things in order? Or it takes some extra
>>manual work?
> If you ever install from the nvidia tarball.. you have to reinstall
> the Core mesa packages to make sure the Core mesa libraries are put
> back as expected. The livna packages prevent problems... they do not
> fix the problems caused by tarball based installs. The livna packages
> by design do not touch the library files owned by Core packages so
> they can not fix problems associated with vendor tarball installs
> overwriting those libraries.

I didn't know until now, thanks. I switched recently to nVidia tarball
during the stability issue using tv out full screen and I thought I'll
solve the problem that way, which I didn't :-/ I was lazy afterwards to
bring Livna package back. I usually recompile Livna nvidia-glx srpm
package. But the funny thing is that I've never seen some official
nvidia-glx package for RHEL. That can be an issue if original nVidia
tarballs make problems, and people are paying for that product (RHEL). I
know that I can rebuild Livna srpm package on RHEL but I've never seen
some official recommendation, or something for installing nVidia
propriatery driver on RHEL.

Igor Jagec

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