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Re: Fwd: Stateless linux and an idea of mine for SMALL networks without servers

On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 10:09 -0600, Nic wrote:
> (I had been trying to send this email without much success. Sorry if
> you got it twice)
> I hope that this is the right mailing list, but I really wanted to
> reach developers would can say if it's feasible and what to use for
> that.

Not sure if this is or is not on-topic, but it's worth at least one
answer to the security issue.  The rest is technically feasible using
rsync and some automation.

> Additionally, every login ALSO uses a dongle/card for access to their
> account. This makes it (almost) impossible for somebody stealing a
> laptop to get access to the whole data. 

Stolen or lost laptops are a real concern.  If someone has physical
access to the hard drive, the determination, and sufficient resources,
it is only a matter of time until they get the data off it.

- Karsten
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