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Re: Low OpenGL performance

Dnia 02/22/2006 01:31 PM, Użytkownik Joachim Frieben napisał:
After installing FC5T3 including updates on 2 different machines, I am
puzzled by the surprisingly poor OpenGL performance when running the
"glxgears" command

Mesa does not enable compiler optimisations by default:
http://cvs.freedesktop.org/mesa/Mesa/configs/linux-dri (see the log next to the 1.12 revision)

I spotted this when I was testing modular X.Org X11 in September 2005. I also wrote an email about it to Mike A. Harris , but I did not get an answer ;)

Mesa seems to be built with `-Wall -O -g' flags. You may want to download srpm and modify configs/default/linux-dri file. Changing OPT_FLAGS variable to the output of `rpm --eval %{optflags}' command may resolve your problem.

Unfortunately, I cannot test it because I have nVidia crap and nv driver does not support 3D acceleration [1]. Hopefully, I'll swith soon to ATI RADEON 8500 :)

[1] It would be great if someone could port BeOS driver to X.Org X11



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