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REQUEST FOR TESTERS: xorg-x11-fonts-7.0-2

I've built new xorg-x11-fonts packages to attempt to resolve
bug #173875.  The new packages seem to resolve the issue fine
for me with local testing.

However, since this changes the encodings.dir files which all
invocations of mkfontdir and mkfontscale use, it is possible
that these changes at least theoretically could change the
way that fonts.dir files get generated.  It is thus theoretically
possible that people's fonts could disappear, or that some other
unexpected results could occur after updating to the new font

As such, since FC5 is very close, in line with keeping risks
to a minimum this late in the cycle, I want to get as many
people as possible to upgrade to the new font packages and
provide feedback before I consider putting them into rawhide.

Please download the following font rpms, and upgrade to all
of them with "rpm -Uvh *.rpm" and report back any error messages
that occur, or any problems that occur after upgrading to the
new packages.  Please reboot your system so that xfs, the
X server, and whatnot are all completely restarted to maximize
the testing benefit.

Additionally, I have put a diff of the spec file changes I've
made in a file attachment in the bug.  Peer review of the
changes are also appreciated.

The idea here is to try to avoid last minute catastrophes from
entering the fray.  Your help in testing this is greatly


Thanks in advance.

Mike A. Harris,
Systems Engineer, X11 Development team,
Red Hat Canada, Ltd.

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