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rawhide of 20060223: KDE fails to start


(this is a repeat from my previous report on udev and kde, but as this does not
seem to be related to udev, I reposted without the udev stuff).

After I uppgraded rawhide from a couple of weeks ago to rawhide of yesterday.
it seems not possible to start kde or gnome as a normal user. Starting kde
as root works fine. (note X is running fine. Using failsafe xterm mode keeps
X up and running)

    startkde: Starting up...
    DCOP aborting call from 'anonymous-776' to 'kded'
    startkde: Shutting down...
    klauncher: Exiting on signal 1
    startkde: Running shutdown scripts...
    startkde: Done.

Starting startkde from the failsafe xterm gives the same error message.
I cant find any more info on waht is going wrong. KDE seems to be very
silent wheng things go wrong...

I reinstalled the whole kde set, and even went back to kde of FC5test3,
but that does not help. Also removing the .kde tree does not help.

Any suggestions?


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