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Request for testers to confirm nv driver mouse cursor bug

If you are using Nvidia video hardware with FC5test3 or later, and the
mouse cursor is invisible, or has any visible mouse pointer corruption,
please add a comment to the following bug report to confirm you are
having the same problem, and attach your X server log file as an
uncompressed file attachment:


2 chips have been identified as experiencing this problem so far, so
once people have updated the report with any other chips that have
the problem, I am going to disable hardware cursors on those chips
by default so that things work out of the box in FC5 for as many
nv users as possible.

Once the upstream nv driver maintainer fixes the bugs in the driver,
we'll update and drop the workaround.  For those who want to track
the issue in X.Org, the upstream bug is:


Thanks in advance.

Mike A. Harris,
Systems Engineer, X11 Development team,
Red Hat Canada, Ltd.

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