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Re: rawhide report: 20060226 changes

Mike A. Harris wrote:


Taking the fact that even if disabled in software this driver causes stability problems, I fully understand the complete removal, thanks for explaining.

So I agree with you except for:

The extremely small subset of users for whom this driver actually
works, and is stable, are free to recompile things if they like, but
with the obvious caveat that we don't support it at all, and don't
support systems that have it loaded any more than we support 3rd
party proprietary drivers.

I understand the don't support part, but I have to disagree with the any more then propietary drivers, that is saying sure its open source but it really is no better then a closed driver since its reversed engineered.

I agree reverse engineered is less good then based on specs, but it still beats a closed driver hands down. Especially since specs are almost always not 100% correct so driver writing is always a bit guessing / reverse engineering.



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