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Re: Attention: Proprietary video driver users (ATI, Nvidia, etc.)

Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Using the livna ati/nvidia rpms is probably the cleanest method
> currently of installing and using the proprietary drivers.  Having
> said that, you can still have various problems still.
> Here are some off the top of my head:
> Hope this helps.

Thanks Mike, it really helped. The funny thing is that nVidia developer
recommend me to use nvidia tarball instead of Livna package during the
debugging of my TV out stability issue. Anyway, it (nVidia tarball)
didn't solve the problem so I was lazy to bring back Livna package.
Livna package also didn't provide nvidia script for debugging (they
probably provide it now, I didn't check). Anyway, I'll follow your

> P.S.  As always, feel free to add this info to the wiki, or paraphrase
> and polish, yada yada if desired.

Well, I'm sure that will do someone who speaks English as mother tongue ;)

Igor Jagec

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