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Re: gphoto2 problem: usb access for non root users

On Monday, February 27, 2006 9:13 am, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jesse Barnes (jbarnes virtuousgeek org) said:
> > Hm, I haven't been so lucky.  When I plugin my camera, I get a popup
> > under KDE asking me if I want to open a window.  If I select 'yes'
> > the window comes up but times out saying it couldn't claim the usb
> > device, presumably because both /proc/bus/usb and /dev/bus/usb are
> > owned completely by root.  My
> > /usr/libexec/gphoto-udev-thunk-set-my-perms script has the right
> > lines to set the perms, but maybe HAL isn't setting the right env.
> > vars for it when it's called?
> What hal, udev, and libusb do you have?

The latest rawhide bits as of Saturday (sorry can't check them directly 
right now).  I've tried several reboots and changes of init levels since 
that seemed to work for Gianluca, but no dice.

If I wanted to add some additional echo statements to 
the /usr/libexec/gphoto-set-procperm where would their output show up?  
I wanted to check and see if the environment variables were getting set 
correctly, since everything else looks ok (guess I can just redirect to 
a file to do some debugging, I'll try that when I get home).


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