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Re: Rebuilding a Fedora Core Installation Boot Image

>>>>> "RE" == Rob Emanuele <rje shoreis com> writes:

RE> Where can I find info on how to build those images?

Search for "buildinstall".  Basically, install anaconda and
anaconda-runtime, copy your complete updated tree[1] to a writable
directory (I used /tmp/a), make sure you have a pkgorder file and run
something like:

/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/buildinstall --debug --comp blah --pkgorder /tmp/a/pkgorder --version 4 --product Fedora --release "Fedora Core 4" --prodpath Fedora /tmp/a

which, if everything works, will grind for a bit and then spit out a
rebuilt set of images.  I recently had to do this to support the hardware on
some systems with nForce4 430-based boards.  (I had to apply a couple
of quick hacks to anaconda and kudzu as well; see the anaconda-devel
archives for details.

1) I have a script (pilfered from elsewhere on the 'net) that will
   pull updates into a tree and regenerate hdlist for you.  As a bonus
   it spits out a pkgorder file as well.  If you want it, let me know
   and I'll put it somewhere accessible.

 - J<

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