edit root alias when installing the OS

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Mon Jan 2 10:41:44 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 13:14 -0800, Peter Gordon wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 12:59 -0800, Florin Andrei wrote:
> > Wouldn't make sense to edit /etc/aliases while installing the OS and ask
> > the operator to provide a real email as an alias?
> > It is a very common error to forget the root alias. As a result, the
> > email sent by housekeeping software (such as logwatch) is ignored, often
> > with unpleasant results.
> > 
> > https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2006-January/thread.html#00045
> > 
> > This may or may not require to edit the relayhost variable in the MTA
> > (ask the operator to provide a default mail relay), I'm not sure
> > (depending on how "correct" or thorough the installer should be).
> That sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps it could default to aliasing
> root to the user created during firstboot, or something similar?

It should go to a local user and it should ask which local user.
root always should go to a local user, and if needed, the local user can
then forward to somewhere else - but it should go to a local user first
so that if there is a problem delivering, you don't end up with a loop
to the root account.

If the user wants them forwarded to an e-mail address not on local host,
they can configure that themselves post install.

Evolution picks up mail sent to the local user just fine.

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