Patterned slow-down over the entire GNOME desktop

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Mon Jan 2 16:48:16 UTC 2006

On 1/2/06, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at> wrote:
> Kernel is 1688, with the binary nvidia driver. Software is fedora
> rawhide + rawhide extras + livna + selinux repository, All non-obsolete
> or broken packages installed as of 2-3 days ago. The hardware is an
> Athlon 1600+, nvidia 5700 (256MB), 512MB SDRAM. This is a rather old
> computer, but that doesn't explain the behavior I am seeing.

Several questions which you have the power to answer:
Does similiar behavior occur when you revert back to the provided nv driver?
if yes....
While using the nv driver, does similar behavior occure when you run
the latest rawhide kernel.
if yes....
While using the nv driver with the latest rawhide kernel, do you see
this behavior  after putting selinux in permissive mode?

I have for example a rawhide system using a
dual Athlon 1800MP GeForce FX 5200  and 512MB ram and the nv driver
with selinux off and I do not notice what you describe occuring on my
gnome desktop.  There are certaintly funtastic issues with gnome at
the moment (like the multiple gnome-terminal problem) on my system,
but nothing as wide-spread as what you describe.  If I were a betting
man I'd bet that nvidia driver is the major problem here.  If you
can't reproduce this behavior using the nv driver and the latest
rawhide packageset including the kernel, there isn't much fedora
developers can help you with.

-jef"looking forward to the day when nvidia releases beta drivers...
because what could be more fun than running bleeding untested daily
nvidia driver builds on bleeding untested daily rawhide builds..except
maybe a triple root canal operation during a novacaine

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