Replacing LAM with OpenMPI in Fedora Core

Deji Akingunola dakingun at
Mon Jan 2 17:26:32 UTC 2006

>From the frontpage of the lam's website (;
"LAM/MPI is now in a maintenance mode. Bug fixes and critical patches
are still being applied, but little real "new" work is happening in
LAM/MPI. This is a direct result of the LAM/MPI Team spending the vast
majority of their time working on our next-generation MPI
implementation -- Open MPI."
The site also states that, "Since it's an MPI implementation, you
should be able to simply recompile and re-link your applications to
Open MPI -- they should "just work." Open MPI contains many features
and performance enhancements that are not available in LAM/MPI."



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