Patterned slow-down over the entire GNOME desktop

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Mon Jan 2 15:34:34 UTC 2006

> Several questions which you have the power to answer:
> Does similiar behavior occur when you revert back to the provided nv driver?
> if yes....
> While using the nv driver, does similar behavior occure when you run
> the latest rawhide kernel.
> if yes....
> While using the nv driver with the latest rawhide kernel, do you see
> this behavior  after putting selinux in permissive mode?
I always selinux run in permissive mode.
> I have for example a rawhide system using a
> dual Athlon 1800MP GeForce FX 5200  and 512MB ram and the nv driver
> with selinux off and I do not notice what you describe occuring on my
> gnome desktop.  There are certaintly funtastic issues with gnome at
> the moment (like the multiple gnome-terminal problem) on my system,
Which problem is that? I have one where switching to consoles 1-6,8,9 
makes the screen go pink with a garbled rectangle in one corner, instead 
of showing the login prompt - it's really fun, especially when X freezes 
on console 7. (and yes, this was with the nv driver).

> -jef"looking forward to the day when nvidia releases beta drivers...
> because what could be more fun than running bleeding untested daily
> nvidia driver builds on bleeding untested daily rawhide builds..except
> maybe a triple root canal operation during a novacaine
> shortage"spaleta
Ivan"looking forward to when arjan/jeff stop blaming nvidia for every 
problem on the fedora desktop, and hell freezes over" G.

P.S. The nv driver makes my LCD say: Out Of Range, and then hover 
strangely, and suspend itself after 30 sec. - makes me rather worried 
about my monitor, so I'm back to a stable nvidia driver that works (most 
of the time :) Wasn't kudzu in charge of updating frequency things in 
xorg.conf when I switch monitors? It doesn't seem to be doing its job - 
I had to manually disable 1600x1200 resolution for any picture to come 
up in the first place.

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