Patterned slow-down over the entire GNOME desktop

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Mon Jan 2 20:57:01 UTC 2006

> Shrug, I hope you two pinpoint the problem.
Of course we'll pinpoint the problem.. going to investigate right now.

Nicolas, what apps are slow on your machine? Can you send me a copy of 
your xorg.conf off-list just in case (although I think this focus on the 
nvidia driver is going in the wrong direction), considering that this is 
*patterned* behavior of *GNOME* *GUI* applications, which everyone seems 
to ignore. It's probably some sort of gtk/cairo craziness that's making 
it slow.
I can now confirm same behavior on giFT and BitTorrent file sharing tool 
(gtk2 apps).

You know what the worst part is - the screensaver. I've been wondering 
for a while why I must endure the black screen with no response for like 
20 seconds after I move the mouse, and this is most likely the answer. 
Now I just need to figure out why it happens. Something in the last few 
weeks of upgrades broke it. I haven't done upgrades for that time, since 
I was stuck at 128MB RAM and yum took forever to do anything at 
all...but, for the record, the screensaver worked properly.

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