Patterned slow-down over the entire GNOME desktop

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Mon Jan 2 20:59:11 UTC 2006

>>> I have no idea - I don't normally mess with xorg.conf at all (or use 
>>> the nv driver). I would expect kudzu (or something) to do more work to 
>>> detect what kind of monitor I have - at least get the 
>>> frequency/resolutions right.
>> I see no FlatPanel option - the options are the one that the nvidia 
>> driver uses, since the program that switches them doesn't change the 
>> options. Interesting things in xorg include: RENDER = yes, glx = on, dri 
>> = on
>> I'm not sure why you're suspicious of the graphics driver, however...
> because it has a kernel component, and some things in the kernel got
> slower due to a few debug option... especially for places that do "dumb"
> things (see davej's blog for a few such places in the kernel source ;)
> The nv driver has no kernel portion, so wouldn't suffer from the same
> debugging..
Can you clarify which kernel version enabled the debug option?

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