libsetrans [was Re: bash 3.1 update]

Steve G linux_4ever at
Tue Jan 3 20:57:31 UTC 2006

>I was too dumb to investigate why the scriptlets didn't work, so I'm
>unsure if the problem is with bash or selinux, so this is just a
>warning to others and a suggestion of a workaround.

I suspect this was the libsetrans update. I had to edit 
/etc/selinux/targeted/setrans.conf to disable the translations. Dan Walsh already
has this fixed for tomorrow's no need to bugzilla it.

The other thing I noticed was that some libraries had 2 copies installed. I have
to do a rpm -Uvh --force from the yum cache to clean that up.

Then I started checking the versions of other packages I installed after the
scriptlets were failing. It turns out that yum/rpm deleted the rpm database entry
for those packages. I had to do quite a few "yum install"s to get the rpm
database back in order. This was the nastiest aspect of this bug. For example,
coreutils was deleted from the database even though ls was still there. Without
doing the yum install, you'll never get it to update again.


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