CD Eject

Yuri Prushinsky prushinsky at
Thu Jan 5 14:36:10 UTC 2006

Joe, seems that supermount patch for linux kernel was designed for this 
purpose and was implemented in Mandrake linux distros

Joe Desbonnet wrote:
> There is one really, really cool feature MS Windows has which I've
> never seen implemented on any Linux distro: You press the CD Eject
> button and the CD ejects (always!)
> I know it's not the unix way, but is there any reason why this can't
> be done? .. given that USB stick drives can be yanked out without the
> machine exploding, why not CD/DVDs?
> In recent years the only reasons why my Linux computer gets rebooted is:
> 1. Upgrade
> 2. Power failure
> 3. CD/DVD refuses to eject and someone needs it in a hurry :-)
> Joe.

Sincerely yours,

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