CD Eject

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Jan 5 19:26:25 UTC 2006


>First, never yank a mounted USB device.  You can't do this on any OS
>without possibly causing serious data loss. Because flash drives are
>really slow and constantly writing to them can wear them out faster,
>data is queued up and synced to device at regular intervals.  Yanking it
>before a write can finish will damage the drive.
Right which is why Windows has a system tray message that says says 
remove devices or something similar. Might consider adopting a similar 
strategy of informing the user using libnotify and friends.

>As for drives opening I would guess we could listen for the button press
>and do an unmount/eject.  The question is do we get eject button signals
>from the kernel.
This has been a often requested feature which has been dumbed down so 
far as not being the Unix way as if that really mattered on that desktop.

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