Igor Jagec igorm5 at
Sun Jan 8 15:40:54 UTC 2006

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> If you are working on wireless connections, Network Manager might be 
> more appropriate

I don't like that tool. It breaks my wireless connection very often. I
removed it from my system immediately. I read some experiences on news
groups about breaking ADSL connection, and so on.

>>It would be very nice if you make ncurces based version of all the
>>system-config tools and to improve some of them, such as network tool.
> Some of them already have text user interfaces. If you want to work on 
> other tools,  you can use Fedora Extras as a gateway. It's enabled by 
> default, you get CVS space, build system access, peer reviews and so on.

As soon as I get some basic programming skills, thanks :)

Igor Jagec

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