rawhide report: 20060110 changes [extras packages moved to core]

D Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Thu Jan 12 02:17:00 UTC 2006

n0dalus wrote:
> Gthumb needs two things fixed, and then it will be good. For one, on
> FC5test, it should be the default handler for images -- not The GIMP.
> I filed a bug about this (because I think it's just a typo in one of
> the config files) 
I don't much care about the rest of the conversation (doesn't matter 
much to me either way, as long as software is in extras, I can get to 
it), but I strongly agree on this point.  GIMP as the default image 
handler was among my top 5 peeves with FC4. 


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