suspend/hibernate on desktops

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jan 16 08:19:49 UTC 2006


>Just my 2 cent here: No. The real fix it to get the work done upstream
>and fix remaining parts in our main kernel (if we have to). 
Yes of course but allowing kernels helps get wider testing.  Same as 
or regular updates to FC4 updates-testing repository planned out by Dave 

>Putting a kernel in extras is a bad idea in general IMHO. We then
>probably would have to build kernel modules for them, too. And other
>people probably would start submitting other Kernels (with the realtime
>patches for example). This would probably end soon in a great
>unsupportable mess with a small benefit. "Upstream" really is the best
I agree in general but if the community wants to maintain such kernels 
why should we stop them?. The Extras repository has no guidelines 
against allowing parallel installations of packages. If kernel's are a 
exception they should be written policy with good rationale.  I am not 
talking about suspend2 specifically.


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