suspend/hibernate on desktops

Bojan Smojver bojan at
Mon Jan 16 19:49:16 UTC 2006

I see there was quite a bit of discussion about having alternative
kernels in Extras. For the record:

- I don't want that
- I certainly don't want that based on any patches I provided links to

The links were provided for people to build their own (if they are
having trouble with suspend/resume), just like I did. It is a lot of
work during Rawhide, but once the release is out, things are far less

I asked on the list before about including suspend2. Dave Jones replied
that it would be too much maintenance for such a large patch to be
included and that FC kernels are also trying to stay as close to vanilla
as possible. All valid and I'm not going to ask for suspend2 to be part
of the FC kernels again, unless it gets accepted upstream (which I'm
sure will happen once code/egos become right :-).

If, somehow suspend2 doesn't become part of upstream and get modularised
again, I would be in favour of making that kernel module available in
Extras. But, that's so far away and may never even happen, so it's not
worth talking about.


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