suspend/hibernate on desktops

Dave Jones davej at
Mon Jan 16 20:05:44 UTC 2006

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 06:49:16AM +1100, Bojan Smojver wrote:
 > I see there was quite a bit of discussion about having alternative
 > kernels in Extras. For the record:
 > - I don't want that
 > - I certainly don't want that based on any patches I provided links to
 > The links were provided for people to build their own (if they are
 > having trouble with suspend/resume), just like I did. It is a lot of
 > work during Rawhide, but once the release is out, things are far less
 > stressful.
 > I asked on the list before about including suspend2. Dave Jones replied
 > that it would be too much maintenance for such a large patch to be
 > included and that FC kernels are also trying to stay as close to vanilla
 > as possible. All valid and I'm not going to ask for suspend2 to be part
 > of the FC kernels again, unless it gets accepted upstream (which I'm
 > sure will happen once code/egos become right :-).
 > If, somehow suspend2 doesn't become part of upstream and get modularised
 > again, I would be in favour of making that kernel module available in
 > Extras. But, that's so far away and may never even happen, so it's not
 > worth talking about.

Upstream seems to be moving towards moving more and more of its
functionality into userspace.  If this happens, a lot of the
suspend2 patch should disappear.

Most of the diff between in-kernel suspend and suspend2 is
the bells & whistles like compression, splash screens, etc.


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