suspend/hibernate on desktops

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Mon Jan 16 21:52:07 UTC 2006

>> I agree that kernels in extras is not a good idea.  However, you have
>> the
>> same security issues with kernel _modules_ in extras.  Think OpenAFS
>> security issue, etc.
> OpenAFS can't go in extras, the license isn't compatible with the GPL
> (and thus the kernel license)

I'm not going to bite on that, sorry :).  All I know is that there are
some packaging OpenAFS at the moment with the intention of getting it into

> yes extras has SOME security issues. But it's not the same. There is a
> difference between having to fix a roothole in 15 different kernels and
> building 15 modules, and having to fix it in one, and then potentially
> rebuild a few outside modules. Just in build time alone, but also in
> complexity and testing.

Yes, DaveJ already pointed that out.  I stand corrected, sorta :).


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