suspend/hibernate on desktops

Bojan Smojver bojan at
Mon Jan 16 22:17:01 UTC 2006

Quoting Dave Jones <davej redhat com>:

> Most of the diff between in-kernel suspend and suspend2 is
> the bells & whistles like compression, splash screens, etc.

If that were true, then vanilla suspend code would work on my notebook 
but it would just be uglier and slower. However, it isn't just uglier 
and slower, it also hangs my X consistently on resume.

The internals of suspend2 are explained in the file 
Documentation/power/internals.txt, once you apply the patch. I'm no 
kernel hacker, but it looks like the algorithms for doing things have 
been changed - it's not just spit and polish.

On the practical side, the "bells and whistles" of suspend2 make my 
system actually suspend/resume reliably (it's been like that for months 
and months now) and fast. Most "pretty stuff" (splash, text/graphical 
progress etc.) is already in userspace with suspend2.

Let me reiterate once more: one of the best parts of suspend2 is 
support. Nigel makes sure things actually get fixed wrt. real systems 
that people use on variety of distributions. I am yet to see a query 
about a problem go unanswered on the list.

In conclusion, I wouldn't just dismiss suspend2 to as some redundant 
patch. It makes many real systems actually suspend and resume, unlike 
the vanilla code.


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