totem great instability

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at
Tue Jan 17 00:24:39 UTC 2006

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 10:58:12 +0100 Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Do you mean that these freezes happen in the file selector ? Do you see
> the same freezes when navigating the file system with other gtk-based
> applications, like, say, gedit ? If so, it sounds like a fileselector
> problem - make sure to file a bug upstream.

I opened bug 177984, but actually it is indeed a general file system
navigation problem.
It happens also with gimp and gedit, when trying to enter a directory
where you have not permission for. Donna if I can change application
for a bug number or if I have to repost.
In the last case, which application do I choose?

> Not sure why you're copying a meaningless strace output snippet.
You are right. Sorry for that.

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