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Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Tue Jan 17 00:25:51 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 04 January 2006 21:55, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> >> When creating a user, have a checkbox to 'deliver
> >> root's
> >> email to this user', then also have a input dialog that says 'forward
> >> this user's email to "______" address'.  This way multiple users
> >> can be
> >> listed in the root alias, and each user can have their local mail
> >> delivered elsewhere if desired.
> Create a new module, or add this all
> to the create user module? I think I'm leaning toward putting it all
> in the create user module at the moment.
> Here's sort of what I'm currently envisioning:
> Add to the user creation module -
>    - a checkbox for "deliver root mail to this user"
>    - another checkbox for "deliver this user's mail to an external
> email address
>    - a field for the user to input an external email address
> Now, in my first cut, I was checking to see if there was already an
> alias for root, and then spitting out an error to tell the user root
> email was already configured to be redirected (and where), and to
> edit /etc/aliases to change it. Y'all think it would be better to
> prompt the user if a root alias is already present, asking if they
> want to 1) leave the root alias alone, 2) append to the root alias or
> 3) replace the root alias?
> This gets a little sticky and tedious if multiple users are created w/
> in firstboot though... (does anyone do that? nb: I don't actually
> create ANY users in firstboot these days, I use network auth, but
> this is a fun and useful excercise. :)

Well, nobody commented, so I went ahead with telling the user to 
edit /etc/aliases manually if an alias was already present (unless it was 
already set to their user account, in which case nothing is done, we just go 
on our merry way). Then you can check the box to have email forwarded to 
another location, which is done by the creation of a ~/.forward file (with 
only some minimal error-checking on content atm). All of these were simply 
added to the existing create user module of firstboot. The part I forgot to 
include was the big fat warning to users who opt for forwarding that they 
could be asking for trouble... Latest patch is attached to this bug:


Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com
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