rawhide stability

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Jan 17 12:22:31 UTC 2006

On Mar 17 janvier 2006 12:38, Erwin Rol wrote:
> Shouldn't rawhide become more stable over time ? I mean it is falling
> apart at the moment.
> - SELinux doesn't work cause it doesn't allow programs to use sendto
> (hence RPC/NFS is gone)

I've been fighting a loosing battle to get policy in shape for my system
before FC5. It would be possible if rawhide was otherwise stable and the
selinux maintainers focused on stabilization, but every time I identify a
policy problem it's rendered moot either by other rawhide problems (no
selinux testing time left) or selinux policy changes (new creative
policies which add new problems on top of the existing ones)

I'd be very surprised if selinux testing base in rawhide/FC5tx is very big
right now, and even more if anyone seriously expect it to be ready before
FC5 using the current process.

> - audio mixer is death
> - evolution crashes and has missing icons
> - gnomepanel crashes randomly

I have all this - nice to see I'm not alone

> Before somebody points out that rawhide is a "play ground", I know, but
> at the moment I am just a bit frustrated with it because for me less and
> less things work with rawhide :-/

Certainly it has not been stabilizing at all so far. With the exception of
the xorg group which pushed stuff early and has been fixing problems
since, most other maintainers do not seem to realize the clock is ticking.
Certainly FC5t2 is every bit as experimental as FC5t1 was.


Nicolas Mailhot

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