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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Tue Jan 17 18:00:58 UTC 2006


>    Heck,  the 2.6 kernel is a "2.5" kernel these days.
>    The core of the 2.6 kernel seems sound,  but there's a "permanent 
> revolution" in the network,  block drivers and other things that are 
> essential to a reliable system.
>    A lot of it is that the direction of Linux is being set by large 
> corporations:  the kind of organizations who can hire a team of ten 
> kernel hackers to make the system reliable.
>    If you want a reliable OS,  switch to Windows.

Please people. This is a Fedora development list. Not a general stage or 
a sounding board. If you want to discuss 2.6 kernel development, LKML 
might be a better place but we had this discussion before multiple times 
everywhere. We can always trade one set of issues for another.



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