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Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Tue Jan 17 19:43:44 UTC 2006

>> It is really not that bad, as long as you learn:
>> -system does poof
>> -don't panic most likely selinux *
>> -reboot with selinux=disabled
>> -try again after a few days without selinux=disabled
> It's really that bad.
> If you're running half the time with selinux disabled, how are you 
> supposed to trace when/how individual selinux problems are 
> fixed/introduced ?
Nicolas, the selinux policy is being completely rewritten from scratch 
for FC5 - it uses a modified language that supports modules, and 
dependency checking between them. The new policy also seems much clearer 
and easy to work with, from what I've seen so far. Because of the scope 
of this project, I'm sure there will be plenty of bugs and issues - 
please have patience and work with the developers to resolve them.

Stephen Smalley pointed out in another thread that the networking issues 
that you are experiencing are likely related to new IPSEC security 
checks in the kernel.

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