Will gnome-mount read /usr/share/hal/fdi/ policy files?

William Lovaton walovaton at yahoo.com.mx
Mon Jan 16 23:39:15 UTC 2006

El sáb, 14-01-2006 a las 05:15 +0800, Yuan Yijun escribió:
> 2006/1/14, David Zeuthen <david at fubar.dk>:
> >
> > Oh, yea, I don't disagree it's going to be a little painful in the
> > interim... but once we have the UI for doing this it's going to be a lot
> > simpler than before.
> >
> yes, simpler if we can set the same policy with only one cmdline
> gconf-editor set vfat block option utf8.

Can you explain a little more about how did you set the utf8 option for
vfat file systems in the policy files? which files?

Besides, can you confirm if this has something to do with bug #144551



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