Writing cd/dvd

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 19:16:33 UTC 2006

Bart Vanbrabant wrote:

> There once was a checkbox. Because help still references to that
> checkbox. I think in gnome <= 2.8

Just double checked on my FC4 box (good opportunity to burn the 
DapperFlight3 CD I downloaded yesterday) and there are checkboxes for 
eject and reuse files for another disk, but no checkbox for erase, there 
is a second dialog when it realizes for insert another disk, or erase 
this one.

An example of Gnome's "dumbed down" simplicity, I guess most power users 
would like a checkbox, even if all 3 checkboxes were hidden behind an 
"advanced" button so as not to scare normal users :-(

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