fsck after crash not active in fc5 dev?

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 23:16:59 UTC 2006

Probably we need consistency after fsck on reboot, don't we?
Or is it considered not necessary to notify at boot about previous crash...?

>Any answers/comments on this?
>I was not able to find any entry in bugzilla...
>Can you confirm it was not intentional?

 >>I noticed after a crash (due to loss of electricity) that file
systems was not asked to be
 >> fscked after reboot. The file /.autofsck  is created at boot, as
before, but comparing
 >> rh el 4 with fc5 it seemes that inside rc.sysinit the piece below
is missing, so that
 >> the system does not prompt if one wants to force fsck and one has
to manually create
 >> /forcefsck and reboot in this case
 >> (or probably is there a boot flag to tell to force fsck? I don't know this).

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