missing properties menu item for a launcher

William Lovaton walovaton at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Jan 19 02:59:13 UTC 2006

I agree with you, I think it should be fixed and I think this is an
upstream thing.

As a workaround, you can drag the menu item to the panel and then you
can right click -> Properties, very ugly but it works.


El jue, 19-01-2006 a las 00:11 +0100, Gianluca Cecchi escribió:
> Differently from RH EL 4, when you navigate through menus moving the
> mouse, such as
> Applications ---> Graphics ---> The GIMP
> and then you click the RIGHT button, you don't get the "properties"
> option, where
> for example you can see information about actual command run, icon file, etc.
> Is this a changed feature of upstream gnome or what?
> In that case, how can I see those information now?
> Thanks
> Gianluca

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