Proposal - don't install .rpmnew unless changed

Paul Howarth paul at
Thu Jan 19 13:38:46 UTC 2006

Neal Becker wrote:
> Paul Howarth wrote:
>>Neal Becker wrote:
>>>Paul Howarth wrote:
>>>>Neal Becker wrote:
>>>>>It would save admins a lot of time if we modify rpm so that it does not
>>>>>create a .rpmnew file if there is no change from the old file.  I would
>>>>>think this would be a simple modification.
>>>>It already does this, doesn't it?
>>>I don't think so!  I keep syncing with develop every day, and most days I
>>>get a bunch of messages about "blah created as .rpmnew", and every day I
>>>run diff, and almost always get no output.
>>Are you on an x86_64 box with lots of parallel-installed i386 packages?
> Yes, x86_64.  I have most parallel i386 packages that are standard on
> x86_64.  I did not install extra i386 packages.
> Today, for example, there were a bunch of messages about upgrade to
> kdelibs-3.5.0-5.  It does happen that there are both x86_64 and i386
> versions of this, do you think this is the explanation?  In any case, any
> chance to fix it?

I think it's the same issue (multiple packages owning the same config 
file) as for /etc/vimrc, except in this case it's different-arch 
packages instead of different-name packages.

I don't know what the *right* policy for these cases should be really.


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