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Bojan Smojver bojan at rexursive.com
Fri Jan 20 03:33:57 UTC 2006

Quoting Ray Strode <rstrode redhat com>:

> One problem with the above line though is the smashing of -ie toghether.
> should probably be -i -e, because -i can take an optional "backup
> extension" that means the broken .server files become .servere files :-)

Which have actually been shipped with the RPM:


And which then matched my "grep -l '$(LIB)' *" in that directory (i.e. 
original files containing $(LIB) have been back up, overwriting the 
original *.servere files). Which in turn made me think there must be 
more than one $(LIB) on each line...

I like this one. Kept me confused for a while ;-)


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