RFE: Retire Fedora Core 4 only _after_ FC6 has been released.

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Jan 20 07:17:31 UTC 2006

Le vendredi 20 janvier 2006 à 08:26 +1030, n0dalus a écrit :

> > Most of the infrastructure to share calendar events remotely is already
> > here, you only have to tweak it a bit to allow admins to distribute
> > caldav refs to users.
> However, the percentage of users who never touch a calendar
> application is ... I would say quite high. Certainly much much higher
> than the percentage of computers where an installation warning would
> (or wouldn't) be displayed correctly.

That's not a problem, today the gnome clock applet is a calendar app and
all gnome users run this one

Nicolas Mailhot
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