New GDM Login Theme

D Canfield canfield at
Fri Jan 20 19:50:04 UTC 2006

Ray Strode wrote:
> If you want to use the new theme, you can
> enable it by running /usr/sbin/gdmsetup and selecting the "Fedora
> Bubbles" theme.  
BTW, is there a particular reason why gdmsetup was removed from the 
menus, or is there a hint to mere mortals on how to find it?  The more 
casual users of FC that I know always want to be automatically logged in 
and this is where they set it up.  Even using alacarte, I couldn't find 
a menu item to re-enable, and until you sent this email, I couldn't find 
the utility to run it manually (I'd assumed it had been removed 
completely).  I know we have to keep the menus from being overwhelming, 
but what's the point of a graphical interface to something if you have 
to go to a command prompt to use it?

A more relevant suggestion though... would it be possible to pull info 
from "About Me" to display owner information on the gdm screen.  I've 
been thinking a lot about laptop security lately due to a number of 
thefts we've had, and I want to make it as complicated as possible for 
thieves to remove owner info from the unit.  We're going to start 
locking the BIOS so you can't reinstall the OS without a password and 
then adding a custom boot-image in the BIOS that says "This laptop 
stolen from..." 

Adding owner info to gdm seems like another good way to keep casual 
thieves from profiting from their theft.  It'll be a bit harder to break 
into an office, steal a laptop, and run to a pawnshop if half a dozen 
things pop up to indicate that it's not your laptop.  Since most of our 
thieves are locals,  we're hoping to convey the image that stealing our 
equipment is more trouble than it's worth.



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