Removing Evolution on Rawhide

Willem Riede wrrhdev at
Sat Jan 21 14:15:21 UTC 2006

On 01/21/2006 07:45:49 AM, David Nielsen wrote:
> fre, 20 01 2006 kl. 22:39 -0500, skrev Willem Riede:
> > And that begs the question "why?". Leveraging a library is one thing,  
> but > forcing in the application against users wishes is just wrong.
> Fedora can force Beagle on me anytime they want - seriously why are you
> people complaining about this, it's a simple case of weighting in the
> net benefits of bringing in a new dependency vs. the pain for a relative
> few users who'll want to remove a core application like evolution.

I happen not to use evolution for email - everybody should be able to make  
their own choice - so I don't want evolution in my menus or popping up to  
create a mail when such is initiated from any context.
(But I do like the promise of Beagle, I wasn't complaining about it, just  
about what is trying to sneak in behind it)

I don't mind at all that (library) code is reused - that makes sense.

> Do we need to start removing functionality

No, but I ask that everyone's freedom to choose is preserved.

> why spend time mailing the list,
> when a bugreport would be the correct answer.

Mailing this list is less effort than creating a bugzilla, and usually a good  
sounding board whether such a report would stand a chance of getting worked.

Regards, and sorry if I offended anyone, Willem Riede.

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