Attention: dbus 0.60-6 breaks avahi, hal ...

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Sun Jan 22 14:33:21 UTC 2006

søn, 22 01 2006 kl. 15:22 +0100, skrev Joachim Frieben:
> After udating "dbus" packages to version 0.60-6, "avahi" and
> "hal" daemons fail to start up correctly during system boot.
> This is very annoying when logging in to a "GNOME" session
> as various applications such as the "gnome-power-manager" stop
> to work. Media detection is of course also out of order.
> The breakage has appeared sometime between version 0.60-3 which
> works correctly and the current version. Downgrading to version
> 0.60-3 allows to recover a working "GNOME" desktop.

In the vein of "this thread is useless without pictures" type replies,
this post would benefit greatly from bugzilla tracking tickets - did you
file the bugs on each package which did not like the new avahi?

However you just saved me some time trying to figure out the cause of my
recent epiphany breakage. Thanks

- David

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