Attention: dbus 0.60-6 breaks avahi, hal ...

Joachim Frieben jfrieben at
Sun Jan 22 14:53:18 UTC 2006

It's not a matter of some "new avahi" as you like to put it. The
"dbus" update makes services such as "hal" and "avahi" stop work.
The issue is probably related to J. Palmieri's modifications to
the location of various libs and bins.

This post was meant as a kind of urgent notice for Fedora rawhide
users in order to allow them to recover a working system as fast
and economically as possible. Your own example seems to confirm
my reasoning.

> In the vein of "this thread is useless without pictures" type replies,
> this post would benefit greatly from bugzilla tracking tickets - did
> you file the bugs on each package which did not like the new avahi?
> However you just saved me some time trying to figure out the cause of
> my recent epiphany breakage. Thanks
> - David

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