Attention: dbus 0.60-6 breaks avahi, hal ...

maschino at maschino at
Sun Jan 22 18:42:46 UTC 2006

> g-p-m is working fine with DBUS cvs -- but I believe J5 made some
> changes to the DBUS package for rawhide to put stuff in different
> directories. The breakage is probably due to that.
> Here's the changelog for the rpm:
> %changelog
> * Fri Jan 20 2006 John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at> 0.60-6
> - Fix up patch to init script so it refrences /bin not /usr/bin

This might explain why dbus 0.60-6 is working fine on my Itanium workstation
(see my other post): I can't upgrade to initscript 8.21-1 because of something
wrong in the ia64 development tree with hotplug and udev. Looking in other
architecture trees (i386 and x86_64), I've noticed that hotplug is missing too.
udev version is however the same (078-4), so I don't know what prevents me from
updating to the latest initscripts.

> * Fri Jan 20 2006 John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at> 0.60-5
> - move base libraries and binaries to /bin and /lib so they can be
> started before /usr is mounted on network mounted /usr systems
> - have D-Bus start early

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