FORTIFY_SOURCE for the kernel

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Mon Jan 23 15:28:35 UTC 2006

man, 23 01 2006 kl. 09:05 -0600, skrev Josh Boyer:

> That's not true.  Yes, -Os stands for size.  However code size _can_
> translate to performance increase.  Think about cache footprint, etc. 
> Smaller code means more can fit in the cache.  It also results in a
> smaller DRAM footprint for thinks like shared libraries, etc.

Smaller binaries means less IO, less chance of a cache miss - there are
advantages to trying it. Someone actually did a comprehensive test using
FCt1 once, I'll see if I can't dig up the PDF, it had some very good
metrics we could look to duplicate.

- David

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