CUPS lprm - long term problem

Bob Billing bob at
Mon Jan 23 17:08:25 UTC 2006

I've got machines here running FC1, FC3 and FC4. The CUPS lprm command
which should accept "-" as an argument to kill all jobs, simply doesn't
work. If I type

lprm -

when logged in as unclebob it replies

Password for unclebob on localhost?

The user password, the root password and CTRL/C all get the same prompt,
no print jobs ever get killed. Now this seems to have been exactly the
same since FC1. It seems to me that either

1) The command does work, subject to some gotcha that has to be avoided,
in which case it should be on the man page.

2) The command doesn't work and needs fixing.

Can we sort out which is the case and get something done about it before
FC5 is released?

Robert Billing,                   Tanglewood,
01344-772849                      64, Pinehill Road,
rbilling at     Crowthorne,  Berks, RG45 7JR

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