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Mon Jan 23 18:48:40 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 19:40 +0100, David Nielsen wrote:
> I'm partial to just "Fedora" it's easy to say, easy to remember and once
> someone gets the idea that porting the Fedora base system to say the
> OpenSolaris kernel (and you just know someone will do that at some point
> for no other reason that. we can) it does not impose the Linux name.
> Besides I was never a big fan of "Linux this and Linux that" naming
> schemes, I run Fedora with the Fedora Desktop on top of it - currently
> that just happens to be based on Linux and GNOME. 

I just have the opinion that 'Fedora' it self is too vague.  It covers
the content, the project, the foundation, etc...  When trying to define
what the distribution itself is, then you have to be a bit more
descriptive.  Fedora Core was fine until things like Extras come up,
especially when Extras will be available in the installer.  This is a
serious concern for OEM folks who want to be able to call the
distribution by a rightful name, but not impede on trademark laws or
cause product confusion.  Fedora Core doesn't work as soon as you
pre-install Extras.  Fedora doesn't work because that is far far too
generic.  Is that the OS, the directory service, the (random other
project to fall under Fedora space), etc...

Since in this case, the binaries installed are Linux binaries, I see no
problem with calling the whole Fedora Linux.  Now if somebody wants to
port our usebase over to another kernel/platform, say BSD or whatnot,
then it depends in the userland is recompiled or not.  If Linux compat
layers are used, the product is still Fedora Linux, just used under a
compat layer.  If it is recompiled, then it becomes something different.
Fedora BSD, or whathaveyou.  I'm not suggesting changing the name of the
sources.  Fedora Core is one set of sources, Fedora Extras is another.
Once you build those sources for a particular platform, then they become
Fedora ${Platform} which could be made up of parts of the various Fedora

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